Microcement floors: all you want to be aware of this pattern

Concluding which enlivening floor covering is best for your floor relies upon your taste, yet additionally on the room and the states of the substrate. Microcement floors are the most recent pattern in floor covers because of their high stylish and specialized benefits.
This sort of floors has vanquished the embellishment of inside and outside surfaces, because of its superior presentation and the excellence of its completions. Microcement floors offer a perfect, crisp, inviting and flawless appearance. They give an exceptionally safe surface fit for serious areas of strength for enduring and scratches.

Earthy colored microcement floor in a splendid kitchen
Microcement floors is inseparable from dependable completions and limitless stylish potential outcomes. Dissimilar to ordinary floors, a microcement floor has no extension joints, which converts into a surface that offers a vibe of openness and unrivaled radiance.
From a stylish and enriching perspective, microcement covers are ideal for making complex and extravagant airs. There could be no more excellent ally to make perfect spaces and, consequently, at Extravagance Substantial we present to you an aide so you can get to know all that microcement floors bring to the table.
Microcement on the floor to make extravagance climates
Assuming that we ponder what the ideal floor for our house is like, we make certain to concur that it must be delightful, with a surface and variety that we love, and yet it likewise must be commonsense, safe and simple to clean. This multitude of attributes lead us to microcement floors.
The material has an unmistakable spot in the embellishment of the house under the ideal equation of obstruction, magnificence and simple support. It is the best partner to give an individual and lavish style to floors. It offers various surfaces, a wide assortment of varieties and completions. No two uses of microcement are something very similar, each covering is special.


Microcement on the floor of a front room with a rocker and a huge couch
1. Inside and outside for equilibrium and roominess
Microcement floors is ideal for interfacing rooms and making them part of an entirety. It is great for space type spaces, yet in addition for giving a contemporary style in extensive homes. The covering carries equilibrium and extensive size to inside plan.
Microcement on the floor of extravagance front rooms is a sure thing. In this house, the mix of dark and white improves the wrapping look of the space. The floor leaves nobody apathetic, making an exquisite and superb lounge. The perspectives to the external crown an extravagant setting.

Microcement floors in a moderate style kitchen furnished with an extractor hood and enormous windows
2. Reflect impact in a wonderful vibe
The new floor covers have shown up to overwhelm each space in the home and to give a modern person to any room. This is the situation of microcement floors, which, a long way from staying behind the scenes, offer fabulous impacts.
They offer a universe brimming with conceivable outcomes to make splendid and iridescent surfaces. In this picture, it improves the normal light of the kitchen in a moderate and rich stylish. It is great for accomplishing current airs, which are resolved to open and useful spaces.

Microcement floor in a twofold level family room with chimney, white walls and white tones on the walls
3. Floors with their own personality
Microcement floors are the ideal answer for accomplish various conditions without the requirement for significant remodels, as an item doesn’t raise the floor level. The application on the current surface permits rooms to be changed without trash.
They fit completely in present day rooms and are a superb arrangement on the off chance that we are searching for a story with its own character. Microcement in inside floors draws in everyone’s eyes, as it makes remarkable spaces. They are the picture of polish.

Microcement on the floor of a parlor with high roofs and interfacing with the kitchen
4. Joining of slick spaces
The microcement floor covering prepares for the coordination of spaces, making a polished environment. The association of the parlor and kitchen brings about the production of a cutting edge and brilliant room. The microcement floor turns into the genuine hero and sparkles brilliantly against the high roofs.
The completion of this material gives character to this home, where the utilization of room is the predominant aspect. It gives an additional dash of polish and grandness.
Shades of microcement for floors
Microcement can be utilized in a wide assortment of varieties, which permits it to be coordinated into any enlivening climate and to make customized styles. Also, its pigmentation framework permits any tweaked variety to be accomplished. The range of shades duplicates the enlivening prospects of microcement floors, which offers the choice of customizing the house as you have for a long time truly cared about. In any case, the floors in each room is unique and, hence, picking the right colors is fundamental.
On the off chance that we need a story that communicates lucidity, energy and trust, the smartest choice is to go for vivacious tones. Warm varieties are great for covering and embellishing enormous spaces, while light tones are ideal for more modest rooms. Which kind of variety do you like?
White microcement floor
Lighter tones, like white, are ideal for giving microcement floors an unwinding and quiet environment. The sensation given by this kind of variety is connected with mental clearness, request and sensitive surfaces. Having a story that improves creative mind and luminosity is a decent decision.
Dim microcement floor
Dark in microcement floors is one of the most loved decisions of inside architects and decorators. Acquiring serenity and class in the home is a decent decision. In its lighter tones, it converts into an energetic environment loaded with iridescence. It likewise consolidates with many tones and makes a warm environment.
Beige microcement floor
In similar group of warm tones, we see as beige. This variety in microcement floors is the extraordinary adversary of white, as it fits in any room giving additional glow. A decent blend is to go for a beige floor in a hazier tone and the furniture in grayish, which converts into an extremely brilliant surface.
Suelos de microcemento en cocinas y baños
In the plan of kitchens and restrooms, we can likewise accomplish an alternate environment by applying microcement on the floor. It is the ideal partner to accomplish completions of high beautifying esteem on impermeable surfaces, impervious to scraped area and high temperatures.
These are portions of the house where we reside day to day and for a long time, so it is fundamental to pick a material with superior execution and that incorporates effectively into any embellishing style. Microcement floors are a decent choice for exemplary, Nordic, contemporary or provincial styles. Both the washroom and the kitchen are two ideal spaces to appreciate enormous spaces that communicate the character of the house.

Moderate style restroom with microcement floors, detached bath and wooden completions around the twofold washbasin
In this microcement washroom, the enhancing cladding assumes control over the room and is the ideal final detail to accomplish a lavish embellishment. It is an optimal method for restoring the feel of the house. On this event, the progression presented by the cladding upgrades the moderate style of the room. Past the tasteful power, the restroom of this house communicates harmony and agreement in equivalent parts.

Microcement on the floor of an extensive kitchen with a different island and perspectives on the nursery
In the plan of current kitchens, the decision of furniture is essentially as significant as the nature of the completions. Microcement floors in kitchens is the ideal method for partaking in your own select plan. A material permits you to capitalize on the space and make a mind blowing room.
The island in this kitchen turns into a partner to acquire much more space, isolating the sink from the feasting or breakfast region. The best thing about microcement on the kitchen floor is that we can adjust it to our style.

Instructions to make a microcement floor
Since we have gone through the ornamental prospects presented by microcement floors, the time has come to figure out how this covering is applied to walkable surfaces.
Utilization of microcement on tiled floors
1-Grouting with preliminary microcement
To grout the tiles, it is important to apply preliminary microcement to abstain from denoting the joints in the tiling. Substantial Base offers predominant mechanical opposition and is ideal for setting up the surface. This layer needs a drying season of 24 hours.
2-Applying introduction for non-retentive surfaces
When the grout has been grouted, the subsequent stage is to apply an attachment advertiser or introduction for non-retentive floors and spot the fiberglass network for microcement. At Extravagance Substantial we use Primacrete In addition to work with the grip of the microcement to the current substrate, while the cross section forestalls the presence of potential breaks and gaps. This layer needs a drying season of between 30 minutes and 24 hours.
3-Use of unpigmented preliminary microcement
With the surface previously ready, the principal layer of preliminary microcement ought to be applied to give hardness to the covering. This layer works with the resulting use of the completing microcement. This layer should be passed on to dry for 12 hours.
4-Second layer of Primacrete In addition to groundwork
The second layer of introduction for retentive surfaces is applied to try not to check the tile joints in the microcement. The drying time is likewise between 30 minutes and 24 hours.
5-Second layer of microcement planning with color
The second layer of microcement planning is fundamental for make the floor hard. With this step we establish the groundworks for a quality covering. This layer should be passed on to dry for 24 hours.
6-Applying two layers of completing microcement
With the surface ready and the preliminary microcement appl