Microcement for EXTERNAL

icrocement outdoors is an excellent option to obtain a continuous paving, without irregularities and good resistance that integrates with surroundings. It is ideal for covering terraces, gardens, porches or patios with quality finishes.

Its application on outdoor walls and floors makes it possible to cover large areas in a single piece. The functionality leads to modern surfaces that are easy to clean, because the jointless result prevents dirt from accumulating.

It is the perfect material to completely transform the exterior of a home. It allows for innovation in decoration and the creation of personalised spaces that fit to any decorative style.

Why apply microcement outdoors?

  • Microcement in exteriors offers high resistance at maximum strength. It is ideal to achieve non-slip paving and surfaces.
  • It is a decorative coating resistant to sunlight, chlorine and temperature changes.
  • It offers the great hardness to transit and non-transit surfaces.
  • Besides its thin thickness, microcement is suitable for applying on exterior surfaces. The hardness makes it very resistant to knocks, cracking and bad weather.
  • It is very durable.
  • Impermeability: when a sealant is applied, it acquires impermeable properties that make it the perfect material for cladding façades, terraces and stairs.
  • Resistance to cold, sun, rain and snow, as well as to high temperatures. Microcement is very hard and does not produce smoke or toxic gases.
  • High adherence to any type of substrates.
  • It is a guarantee of safety in any exterior renovation projects.
  • It can be used to cover walls, shelves or stairs and can be combined with other materials for outdoors.
  • Microcement offers the anti-slip surfaces according to the finishes applied. The cladding texture is the key to prevent falls and slips. The rougher the surface is, the less slipping will be.
  • It avoids the spread of bacteria, fungi or toxic agents.
  • It withstands wear, scratches and is resistant to abrasion.

Microcement in exteriors: where to apply it?

Microcement in exteriors offers excellent decorative possibilities to completely change the appearance of any surfaces without the need for building work. Below we describe the uses of microcement in outdoor areas:

  • It can be applied on floors to present pavements that enhance the broadness of the space. With a new floor, the Terrance or porch can be transformed completely.
  • It can be applied on cement and tiles without the need to remove the existing flooring, as it is no thicker than 3 millimetres.
  • Ready to coat exterior walls and ceilings.
  • Applicable on plaster and plasterboard.