Microcement for FURNITURE

Cultum Art is a microcement suitable for all types of furniture. It has textures, reliefs and continuous terrazzo to always give a touch of full originality. Continuous coatings can be applied easily on any surface, making them a very decorative appeal in the line of modern architecture. Thanks to the many advantages it has it, transmits a very warm and fresh, aspect with plenty of options, with a solution that matches with any decoration.

Our collection, of microcement furniture includes microcement countertops, dining tables, sinks for bathrooms, benches, bookcases, headboard.

Being Arteycemento and waterproof is a fantastic choice for creating design furniture for indoor or outdoor. Resulting in a very clean solution, without traumatic reforms and with surprising results. Its flexibility allows it to be resistant to changes in temperature and can also renew and restore outdated furniture to a more current and modern style making them much more fun and enjoyable.

We have a wide range of colours and finishes to capture your creativity into the finish and you can enjoy a unique and personal design.