Microcement For SOILS

Floor Art is a microcement with textures, more resistant to abrasion and friction due to the movement of footwear or furniture.

we have proven that it is ten times more. At the end of the work, this coating only thickens 2 millimetres, and yet is totally hard, so it becomes a suitable product to cover all types of material, whether it belongs to walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, swimming pools , etc., although they are deteriorated (of course, if they are in good condition, the results will be much better).

Even microcement is ideal for renovating any industrial establishment, since it does not require structural reforms or too much alteration of the soil altimetry. In fact, just by placing the first layer, the adhesion of it is unbeatable, and the duration more than prolonged.

In our company, when we use Arteycemento we have specialized technicians in designing application plans appropriate to the physical space of the industrial warehouse in which it is going to work and the expectations of our customers. We also adapt the task so that it is not necessary to suspend the workday.

For example, in ships of 500 square meters or more, we have a work plan that we finalized in two weeks. And for ships that exceed 1000 square meters, it will not be mandatory to empty the place, especially if there is heavy machinery, since the work would be carried out in parts, being able in 48 to 72 hours to reuse that area on which was placed the microcement Thus, as we said before, we completely renew the damaged material without interrupting the working day.