Microcement for WALLS

Microcement is a decorative coating that has become popular due to its massive use as continuous flooring in private homes as well as in large premises and shops. Its versatility in terms of finishes, colours and textures, as well as its functionality and competitive price, are some of the factors responsible for the boom that this coating has experienced for some time now.

A popularity that is not only limited to floors, as the use of microcement walls has skyrocketed in recent years in both interior and exterior spaces. The fact that microcement on walls is very popular is due to its elegant aesthetics, its durability, its easy cleaning and maintenance and the absence of costly renovations, among many other qualities.

Microcement on walls: all advantages

The fact that microcement on walls has become a trend in decoration and design, especially in interiors, is no coincidence. In fact, microcement is one of the best wall coverings on the market for many reasons.

Whether you decide to use microcement for the walls of a particular room or a whole, you will obtain a long-lasting aesthetic result without unnecessary complex work. Whatever style you want to give your space, microcement walls are the perfect solution.

Forget about building work with microcement walls

Undoubtedly, the great added value of using microcement on walls is to escape from the most chaotic part of a conventional renovation: the rubble involved in building work. A factor that inevitably forces the home or premises to be renovated to remain unused for a certain period of time.

A handicap that disappears completely when microcement is applied to walls. Thanks to its thickness of just 3 mm and its compatibility with all types of materials (marble, tiles, stoneware, ceramic, terrazzo, tiles, etc.), it is laid directly on the substrate without having to remove the existing material.

Microcement walls: resistance and durability

Microcement walls offer high resistance to knocks, scratches and chemical products.

Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance proves that microcement is much more than just a decorative coating.

An indication of the enormous potential and durability of this non-cracking wall covering that has spread like wildfire in recent years.

Microcement for interior and exterior walls

Who said that microcement can only be used for walls in interior rooms?

Microcement is a material whose properties are not damaged by exposure to sunlight. This resistance to UV rays, as well as to changes in temperature and humidity, has led to this coating being increasingly in demand as an exterior wall covering.

Take advantage of the impermeability of microcement walls

Microcement walls are impermeable to running water, which is why they are so popular in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. In the case of bathrooms, microcement showers are one of the most popular resources.

Almost non-existent cleanliness thanks to microcement for walls

Whoever says they like to spend endless hours cleaning is not telling the truth. Thanks to the absence of joints in microcement for walls, cleaning will not be a problem as fungi or germs will not proliferate. By avoiding the accumulation of dirt, cleaning is practically non-existent. It is enough to use a damp cloth and neutral soap once a week.