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Arte y Cemento ® microcement is a two-component polymeric cementitious system. It is made up of cement, resins, additives and mineral pigments, and is suitable for covering both vertical and horizontal surfaces in interior and exterior applications. Microcement is a decorative coating approximately 2-3 mm thick available in a wide range of colours. Arte y Cemento ® offers you a wide range of colors and finishes. The limit is up to you.

Because micro-cement provides a continuous surface it does not require a substrate (in other words it can be applied over existing finishes other than parquet or timber flooring), is non-slip and easily maintained. The final finish can be matt, polished or textured. By adding colour pigment different effects can be achieved such as mottled, uniform, metallic or even Venetian stucco.



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Advantages of microcement

Microcement is quick to apply and results in a smooth and continuous surface, suited to anything from a domestic or hospitality environment to office and commercial spaces. As well as being used for standard microcement flooring, it can also be applied to walls, benches and staircases leading to a sophisticated, streamlined end-result. Microcement is perfect for environments.

The solution is also highly adaptable; it can be applied in a vast range of colours, in addition to also being able to be manipulated to achieve a glossy, matt, textured or mottled finish. Microcement can be applied to vertical surfaces as well as floors including walls, staircases and landings, bars and counters.

With extraordinary adhesion properties and therefore with the correct surface preparation microcement will bond to almost all solid substrates. Microcement is produced with hybrid EVA co-polymers to give flexibility and accept deflection from the existing substrates.

The process for our microcement flooring system involves the necessary preparation to the existing surface followed by a multilayered trowel application with drying and sanding periods, completed with your choice of sealer allowing a matt, mid or high shine.

Previously, worn and damaged concrete floors and surfaces would need to be completely replaced, however now microcement can be used to rejuvenate concrete floors and make them appear as new. This serves as both a more cost-effective and efficient option for freshening up concrete surfaces.

you can choose between the acclaimed greys, simulating the coloAlternatively, if you are one of the most daring, choose our range of vintage or metallic colours. Kitchens offer large combination of different materials and colours, so you can combine floor and walls, with white units and wooden countertops.

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